Friday, January 31, 2014


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The After Christmas tree adorned outside with treats.
1.  I am "extremely" HAPPY that it is Friday...mostly because I can link up here to Random 5 with Nancy and the gang...but also, because it has been one crazy, crazy week at work!
2.  We are having a heat wave here in New York...the balmy 30's above freezing!  Must be because of the outdoor Super Bowl game.  I would love to see it snow, snow, snow for the game!  Just like the good old days in Steeler country!
3.  Our ukulele club is growing, with new members attending each month.  At our meeting next week, we are playing "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" in tribute to folk singer Pete Seeger who passed away this week at the age of 94.
4.  I am finishing up one more book for the "Art Journal" Hop/Swap that our Arty Tea Party started earlier in the year.  Then I will pass it on to the next person on the list to add her "talents".
5. I, too, am enjoying the Grow Your Blog Party that began last Saturday.  Click the link above on the sidebar to see all the participants.  So many blogs...and so many new friends.  
Aloha...thanks for stopping by! 


Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party

match box drawers
bead feet
My name is Vicki, aka hula~la in blogland, and I am very happy to be joining Vicki @ 2 Bags Full for this terrific Blog Party event for the 2nd time.  And it is the perfect winter event to attend while wrapped up in all the warm wooly knits I can fit on this body and still move, all while sitting in front of a roaring fire here in the Northeast United States where it is extremely frigid!

Journal Give-Away below!!!

"You're My Thrill"
With lots of pockets and tags...
I am a book lover, reader, collector, re-purposer of the discards, hence the name of my blog.  A library geek myself, (also attributing to the naming of my blog) I find many treasures at the used book sale, some headed for recycling, and some straight for the dreaded trash...which pains me. Those are the ones I try to rescue, for they call out to me and beg for a 2nd chance.  And that is how I started making "Altered Books". Giving old discarded books a whole new adventurous one, full of PASSION!   These are some of my early treasures...Enjoy!  

Keepsake Treasure Bookbox
This week I hit the mother lode at the library "dump" with a box of Reader's Digest Condensed Books...the old ones with the marvelous covers.  I rescued the entire box from the recycling pile sitting out on the porch in the snow/ice storm in the bitter cold  and could hardly wait to dive in.  For these discards will become journals with brand new pages, using some of the beautifully colored front and back pages from each book.
Gorgeous, rich colorful end pages.
Punch a few holes, (sometimes I like to mix and match the covers) snag some papers, add a few book binder rings, dress it up if you like, and
A Personal Journal just waiting for a passionate pen...
This one is up for grabs if you leave your name and contact info 
             in the comments.  Drawing to be held on Feb. 15th.  
          Aloha and thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy the party!

Thank you Vicki for hosting another great gig!

Let It Snow Man...

I spy an imposter...
1.  OK, so here we are and the weatherman says...7 degrees, but it feels like  - 3... YES IT DOES!

2.  I can only knit in the cold months.  It's weird but the first hot sunny day of May and the yarn and needles get put away.
Just a few goodies to keep us warm...

 And these are "tribbles" I knit from a pattern I found here by Cathy.
A green dish scrubbie for Nina and one for moi.

3.  I am gearing up for the Grow Your Blog Party with Vicki at 2 Bags Full starting late tonite....

4.  I have experienced some wonderful synchronicity moments just this week!  Yes, I am tuned in to the proper frequency for sure!

5.   I belong to a group of TALENTED CHICS... we call ourselves the Arty Tea Party.  And some of the gals will be introduced at the Grow Your Blog Party along with their talents. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold Duck

 Hooking up with the gang at Wordless Wednesday to share my dog's forgotten chew toy!
It's just screaming...HELP!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vanilla Ice Cream

For Random 5 Friday, I was prompted to write about Ice Cream.
Well lo and behold, I forgot about my daughter's fave ice cream...Vanilla.
Enjoy part of her last recital before heading off to college.
Disclaimer:  Not responsible for broken glass at the 3 minute mark!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Man Winter

1.  Old man winter has a hold on us, and I don't mind.  The country road of home is vibrant in all four of the beautiful seasons that Mother Nature bestows upon us.

2.  I sit in front of the woodstove, with a giant bowl of Pistachio Almond ice cream.  It's my latest fave.  In the summertime my fave is Black Raspberry.
Click here for my daughter's fave...Ice Cream.

3.  There seems to be a few lingering Christmas ornaments that fell down in between the couch cushions when in a frenzy, I just starting yanking them off without putting them in their proper boxes.  A flattened snowman, and a lonely angel are looking for all their friends;)

4.  The After Christmas Tree is out in the woods adorned with popcorn and apple slices covered in peanut butter and birdseed for our fine feathered friends.

5.  I bought my daughter a very nice gift certificate for a spa...she may not get it.  Could be mine, all mine...

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Friday, January 10, 2014


Art Journal Hop/Swap
1.  This is the beginnings of my page in Lucy's book for the Art Journal Hop/Swap.  It took me forever.  It's all about passion...RED AND HOT!  It even has la la!  Finished it but forgot to take a picture before I passed it on to the next contributor.

2.  I'm so very glad that it is Friday. I am looking forward to hibernate this weekend before the baby little goes back to college.  Deep breath here because it has been very nice to have everyone under the same roof...most of the time!

3.  It's a winter wonderland out there with a surprise snowfall overnight. Another 2 inches.  Still putting Christmas away.  Don't like this part because the lights look wonderful in the snow.

4.  Finally put new tires on the vehicle for I have been sliding all over town.  And while as a kid I remember saying to my Dad, "yay, do it again" when sliding all over in bad weather, definitely not into it now.

5.  Guess we have to watch football without my team...STEELERS...and I'm totally bummed about that.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Frigid frost on my panes
 Yes, it is TOOOOOO cold out there to enjoy the beauty of winter!  And as I venture out to the local day care to tell snowman stories, I smile at the innocence of the littles.  A young girl began to cry when I read about the BIGGEST BEST SNOWMAN, and she blurted out..."my snowman died...the rain killed it".    Yes, we went from a snowstorm with 7 degree temps, to a balmy 31, then to a 50 degree torrential downpour with high winds...only to be back today at 4 stinking degrees producing a lovely frosty vision on my very old windows.
Well, well.

My newest altered book adventure will be one made of salvaged bookends, and they will include the little quips and stories I gather from the littles at storytime, beginning with...THE DAY MY SNOWMAN DIED.  I will title this altered book, "Out Of The Mouths Of Babes".  The sweet and the innocent.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Wonderland

1.  I was hoping for more snow than this.  It was a peaceful snowfall during the night.
That's when I love to walk the dog.  It is so quiet.

2.  My friend loves his warm blankie when trekking through the snow.  
What a great blue sky!

  Different tree shots.  I love the intrigue of the foggy shot.
3.  I hate taking down Christmas.  It all comes and goes way too fast. 
Perhaps I will leave it all up for just abit longer!

4.  I have many winter projects that are on my list of "to finish".  I did however, finish knitting an earthtone scarf while on a car ride to CT last weekend.  It is a gift.

5.  I am participating once again in the GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY with Vicki and friends.  If you are interested, just click on the link and sign up!  I've made so many new blog friends from all over the world.  And I will have a giveaway with my post.  
So stay tuned...

TGIF...because we can hop around for RANDOM 5 FRIDAY and FRIDAY FENCES and SKYWATCH FRIDAY