Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vanilla Ice Cream

For Random 5 Friday, I was prompted to write about Ice Cream.
Well lo and behold, I forgot about my daughter's fave ice cream...Vanilla.
Enjoy part of her last recital before heading off to college.
Disclaimer:  Not responsible for broken glass at the 3 minute mark!


  1. When our children have fun, it makes us smile and beam with pride...forget the broken glass...:)JP

  2. She did a wonderful job! what a fun song, you were the only one giggling at it though, did o one there have a sense of humor and appreciate her theatrics as much as you!?? You will miss her. My youngest will be going to college in September...YIKES!

  3. Oh yes, she had that crowd in the palm of her's just me you could hear next to the camera though. I miss hearing her operatic voice around the house. You can check out some of her others on youtube...from the piece above...she also sings in German, Italian (my fave), French. Thanks for stopping by.