Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Million Thanks

Hand made cards for the troops at Christmas!
It was a wonderful show of support for our men and women who serve this great land, when many organizations, families and individuals joined in a letter writing campaign through  


 No matter our differences, these brave men and women are protecting our rights to live the American Dream!  Please keep them in your thoughts and your prayers as you go forth into the 
New Year of 2016.

I wish you all a HAPPY and especially a 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


An old Art Book transformed into an Altered Art Journal
It's that time of year again, when the gorgeous, vibrant colors of Autumn are fading away and I ponder what has become of my Art Book in the Neverending Book Hop/Swap.  Now, I believe I began this project 2 years ago with 9 of my Arty Tea Party gal pals, and I have not seen my book since, except for a sneak, behind my back change of hands. 
I left these pages as is...to remind me of how it began.
Added a Zinnia from the garden, and passed it on.
So, I am anxiously awaiting its return to me!
All the while, embracing the ch-ch-changes of the wonderful season that is Autumn!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spooky Inspiration

And here's another peek at some incredible art from old, discarded books...

Yep, taking altered books to a whole new level.  Keep the lights on while reading tonight!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Altered Board Book Journal

"Count Your Blessings"
When perusing the used book sales at the local library, I always find some little treasure that just calls out to me...and this old board book had some scratches and such that it was ready to rock and roll with me!

Using leftover scraps of dyed linen that we did at an Arty Tea Party, I used old dictionary pages to make my flutterby...fly!
With a place to add photos of your blessings, enhanced by lace and a peacock feather.
A little pad for journaling and extra wings to record your thoughts/dreams.
Another little pad for writing secret messages.
With pockets and tags and many textures to tickle your creativity as you journal your way through your blessings.
With a few extra pages not shown here, but truly a joyful place for you to 

Thanks for stopping by!  ALOHA

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

This Little Golden Book of Mine...

A few more pics from the Altered Little Golden Book in previous post...enjoy!
With lots of texture, and plenty of room for personal journaling, with pockets full of tags.  I have not shown everything here...a few surprises left.  Hope you enjoy!
This baby is headed for the fair with my other Altered Book goodies, unless somebody wants to snag it ahead of time!  This one was great fun and very therapeutic after my dog died last week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rescued Little Golden Book

This mini little golden book, was sad in the free giveaway pile at the library book sale.  Nobody was paying any attention to it, and as I walked by the children's cart, I heard it call my name...really, I did!

When altering used, old books, I usually do the covers last, but for some reason I jumped all over the front and back of this little gem right away without even looking inside.  So for now, here are the covers...
The front cover was a few layers of paper scraps lying around, some doodles, some paint, and a 3-D flutterby using 4 layers of text for the wings.

Back Cover
The back cover was done at the same time, just some paper scraps, some paint, doodles, and one paper doodle flower.

And for a sneak peak at the inside, here is one page...
playing with poppies
The balance of pages I have glued together to make them sturdier and then I will add more layers of paper, rubber stamps, etc, a pocket or two to hold tags, atc's, ticket stubs, and some blank spots for journaling. 

Next time you go to the library, look at their used book sales...they are my fave canvas for art play!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Zentangle ATC Swap

What a wonderful surprise to find in my mailbox today from the online swap at 

From top to bottom: 
Jarda's lovely fabric creation
Sandi's, created on the Ace of Diamonds of a very cool deck of Victorian playing cards.
And from Renee, some wonderful detail on my fave paper.

Next up, we have for your enjoyment...
Pat's in what I like to call a quilt pattern, (I love the feather)
Karen's creation, I am trying to figure out how she did this, also on my fave paper with abit of watercolor on the back, and with a nice fiber addition.
And from Eleanor, a very layered effect on an old watercolor piece that she cut to size, which is what
I did for my own.  (See previous post on how mine came to be.)

 Katie's is very cool, and I am going to try something like this one on black.
Very happy to receive the hamsa from Eileen, for her description of an amulet of good fortune and protection.  Wonderful!
And yes, the lovely creation by Linda was definitely worth the wait. This woman has a
unique story to tell...what do you think she is thinking?
And last but not least, full of color is BLOOM from Mary, with some wonderful layering and texture.  

Thank you to Michele for hosting the swap.  This was my first Zentangle project!  
I hope to hear from whoever received mine!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Watercolor Zentangle ATC Swap...

Well, I have delved into the world of watercolor paint.  I stink at watercolor painting.  But, oh how I love the fluidity of it when the full brush of water kisses the color and melds into a beautiful mess...

Well, at least mine are a mess.  But the colors, well they speak for themselves.  And since I really can't paint well, I've decided to use my first watercolor attempts as backdrops for bookmarks, and the ZENTANGLE ATC SWAP going on at Little Bird Creations

watercolor play

let the zentangling begin...the 10th card is vacant from this shot!
so from watercolor piece that I didn't like, cut to 10 ATC cards...
to these for an online swap...


 and last but not least for the swap...

And these are the bookmarks I made from "poppies gone wrong"... 

Yes, Creative Chaos is my middle name!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Aloha