Monday, March 6, 2017

Do what you like...

Yesterday was a glorious day to stay home and play with my books and paper! Well, after the grocery store, and the pet store and the recycle center, that is.  But it was a crisp, cold day, the perfect day to air out the pillows and feather bed beneath the blue skies with the sun shining bright.

And in between all the "required" busy-ness of the day, I devoted the better part of this day in my creative space, listening to Blind Faith on the turntable, DOIN' WHAT I LIKE!... tea dying papers and ribbons.  For this batch, I used plain old Lipton tea bags, with a few Raspberry ones tossed in just for kicks. It sure does smell good.  Different than the coffee dying frenzy I was on during the past week of crazy weather causing 2 power outages which I thoroughly enjoyed!

For added texture in some of my projects, I like to use tea or coffee stained medical gauze, and if you haven't tried dying industrial paper towels, you simply must! It has wonderful texture that shows up beautifully when stained or dyed.

This fabulous sheet is coffee dyed!  And yes, it has that crinkly sound after baking!

And this is the glorious underpaper, the baking sheet! 
My dyed paper smells wonderful! And I don't even drink coffee!

This gives me great JOY...along with the WIP, Hawaii; my junk journal/scrapbook of my trip to Waikiki to meet some beautiful island Ohana for the first time!
My lovely island Mama is on the cover!
Thanks for stopping by.  Soon I will have some of these fabulous papers and other items for junk journals up in my etsy shop...stay tuned!