Monday, January 28, 2013

Artist Trading Cards

One of my of the first one's I ever made!
Artist Trading Cards, ATC's, are miniature works of art.
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches...the size of a standard baseball card.
A great way to collect and trade art from all over the world.
They are easy to display or store, and the possibilities are endless!
Here are some of my faves!
Mother Knows BEST!
A fabulous work of art, here.
From Andrea...on the left she stitched my name VICKI.  
Some are hung, and others tuck into a vintage tin.
If you haven't ventured into the ATC world, beware...the possiblities are endless, and it is truly addictive.  Fun to make, fun to trade!  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Envie Swap 2013

Decorated Envelopes
These are 2 of my decorated envelopes for a "Winter Themed Envie Swap" with the Arty Tea Party Guild that I belong to.  The Christmas tree is holding on to them for dear life, as we are not quite ready for the whole Christmas scene to disappear.  Though we are bound to get more snow to make the winter season bright.  (Until the sand and salt turn it into a yucky, slushy mess...tis the season.)

Honolulu bound...ALOHA!
 The envie on the right is headed for Honolulu Hawaii and a special person who is no doubt enjoying something cold on the beach.   Perhaps one day they will get to the northeast to experience real cold and winter.  Then again, that's probably why they live in a tropical snow! 
(check out the Alaska Iditirod Postage Stamp...)
...let it snow, man...
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