Friday, May 6, 2022


 Hand delivered to ISLAND OHANA...

Sadly, I do not have the entire 6 signatures captured on film, because the wonderful FAVE MIDDLE CHILD let me know at the last minute that she was going to Hawaii, and it really was the only way I wanted this gem to travel.  It's a very personal piece with family photos and mementos from an island trip I took several years ago to meet some ISLAND OHANA for the very first time...and what an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS journey it was...  And inside I documented my trip, the first meetings of the most beautiful island folks that I am grateful to call FAMILY/OHANA!  

Can't even describe it, it's that detailed!  However, the island folk have some duties to complete on the inside of this altered book/journal, including sending out some blank HULA~LA postcards.  

And then, I will retrieve it myself someday very soon, to complete, in honor of my MAMA!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022



                           I know it's abit early for SPRING, but man...I AM READY!

                             AND READY TO GET BACK INTO THE STUDIO!!!