Monday, April 2, 2012


SPRING HAS SPRUNG in the Hudson Valley.  The blossoming trees are so beautiful.  After such a mild winter, I wonder if we will actually have a full spring.  Spring is my favorite time of year, for it is when all 3 of my lovely daughters were born.  I only hope that we are not plunged directly from this special time into full blown 80 - 90 degree days by the beginning of May!  For it is the promise of new life, the budding on the trees and surprise shoots and blooms peeking out in the garden, that give hope when we need it most.

While visiting the gardens of my friend Nina, of Happy Herbs Soap who can make anything grow, I found inspiration for making a new garden space in my rock bed.  Where I live, I have limited sun and more rocks than I know what to do with.  Yes, I have a rock wall that lines the entire front of my property.  When I try to plant anything, it is always a chore because of the large rocks that I encounter while dig...dig...digging.  The rock wall gets taller and taller each growing season.

I am hopeful...every Spring I am hopeful!!!