Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random 5 Friday...on Saturday...again

Support your local Farmers...
  Of course it is Saturday by the time I get around to Random 5 Friday...sorry Nancy...but in honor of our FARMER HOST, NANCY I am sharing my take for today!

1.  Our Saturday Farmers Market is a wonderful gathering place in our small town community.  This is my take for today...notice the purple beans in the corner...I eat them as is!  What you don't see is the purple lettuce, the sunflowers shoots with a nutty flavor, and the pea sprouts both of which I eat on top of a slice of jarlsberg and avocado for a snack, and of course in a salad with the rest of the veggies you see here.  And Nancy, I can hardly believe that you are just now getting around to eating raw carrots!!!  Try dipping them in some RED HOT sauce...

2.  Last shopping trip to prepare for the 3rd child's trek off to college.  Hope it all fits in her dorm.
Bittersweet it is.  Roots and wings and all that.

3.  The past couple weeks' weather was more autumn like than it should have been for mid August.  It was the perfect sleeping weather with all the windows opened to take in the fresh air, and the night sounds of the owls, the quiet noise of the katydids, and of course those crickets and peepers.  If you have never heard the peepers in the northeast, well it surely is an incredible sound from such a tiny creature.

4.  We are back to the hot, humid days of summer, that is August.  Though, I could have taken the fall like temps right up until December.

5.  The universe continues its conversation with me, through the booming thunder and the rays of sunlight that pierce my very being.  My soul is alive!!!

Thank you NANCY!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing like a good old fashioned country fair in the Catskills...Grahamsville Little World's Fair!

Cruising in a vintage automobile in the fresh clean mountain air...nothing could be finer!

sorry for the words...shhhh

Monday, August 19, 2013

Repurposed Old Book Covers

Old Reader's Digest Covers
Now there is something to be said about cruising the library's used book sale, for lo and behold was a box of vintage Reader's Digest Condensed novels from the 1940's - 50's with those beautiful hardback covers.  Nobody seems to read them anymore, because there are literally tons of them that get discarded and nobody is buying them.  Lucky for me, I snagged them before they hit the recycling bin.  They are just perfect for making personal journals to haul off to the Little World's Fair in Grahamsville.

I like to mix the covers for more interest. 
Measure papers 1/4" shorter on 3 sides, (I also include some of the end papers that are aged..some have that linen quality), punch a few holes, add some binder rings...and voila.  A very cool personal journal, or art journal that you can remove and add more papers to as you go along.  ENJOY!


 I have a supply of library DATE DUE cards to use for tags.  It was a great day at the Catskill fair!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random 5 Friday...on Saturday

A rose is a rose...a wonderful "scent-ual" gift from a friend.

Once again it is Saturday when I get around to Random 5 Friday hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal.  I'm just always too busy on Fridays at work...and today I loafed...all day!
So here goes...

1.  I love avocados...with a bit of cider vinegar, in a salad, on a sandwich (especially on top of chicken salad), on tacos...just love them.

2.  I am in denial about my 3rd child leaving home to go to college in 13 days.  The baby.  I am strong...deep breaths.

3. I always have such high hopes in the spring in the garden. I try, but I guess I have to just leave the real gardening to my friends Nina and Andrea whose gardens are AB FAB!!!  The weeds, well, they have become my friends...C'est la vie!

4.  I belong to a great group of "talented chics", known as the Arty Tea Party Guild.  We share our collective talents and meet once a month at a different location to learn new techniques/skills, etc.   We eat, drink and are very merry. 
Check it out...Arty Tea Party.

5.  My yellow lab is stepping up to the plate to be Alpha Dog now that his older black lab "hero" has passed.  He sure does have some big paws to fill and I continue to shake my head wondering what he is thinking half the time.  He sure is cute though, even while he is out there howling at the moon.
Meet Harley...with his tangled Christmas bow.
And my best dog ever, Higgins with a local box turtle.
Random 5 Friday
Thanks Nancy for hosting...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally Hit 10,000 page views/Giveaway!

And the winner of my Shabby Fabric Pin sitting on freshly picked
patchouli leaves and lavender buds from the gardens of Happy Herbs Soap...
to celebrate my 10,000
Kathy McB... drawn at 8:08 pm on 8/8...
visiting from "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"...stop by to congratulate her!!!
THANK YOU TO ONE AND ALL FOR STOPPING BY!  ALOHA..'s my happy, happy hula~la dance for hitting my 10,000 mark on blog page views!!!  Actually, 10,167 and no they are not my own page views!!!  So, thank you all very much for stopping by and helping me to achieve my blog goal!
And to celebrate this great event in my blog world, I am giving away one of my "Shabby Fabric Pins"...
It won't be this one, but one made from white denim!
 Please enter for a chance...and I will pick a name on Thursday...8/8 at 8 (am or pm, depending on when I get my butt in gear, since it is my day off).

To enter, just leave a comment with a link back to reach you if you are the winner.  (You need not become a follower, however, I will do another hula happy dance if you do;)

And since I have just found out about Miscellany Monday via Kath at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out", I'm going to make this my first link for that party too!  PARTY ON...


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Random Five Friday...on Saturday

Napali Coastline/Kauai

(better late than my opinion...I use that excuse for work, too)

1.   The above photo is the first stop on my bucket day hopefully not to far off.
2.   I recently got to see the Eagles in concert at Bethel Woods, formerly Woodstock. GREAT SHOW!

3.  I have experienced a soul really, and the Universe is having a conversation with me! It has given me great peace and great joy!

4.  I have no idea where all these clothes have come from, that nobody seems to be wearing, yet they keep ending up in the laundry pile...again...and now, they are off to Goodwill.

5.  I am on a mission...a mission of true happiness.  It feels wonderful!
Random 5 Friday
Thanks Nancy for hosting...