Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring...Glorious Spring

1.  I wish I had finished all of the indoor projects, because the great outdoors is screaming my name!!!  And I live in the sticks, man!  So much to see, hear, smell, do in the great outdoors.  No signs of massive humanity (unless I turn on the news, which I rarely do anymore) to distract me from enjoying the simple abundance that surrounds me in the big woods.

2.  So, I will take this day to forget all about the unfinished projects.  I'm heading out and about!

3.  I had a nice surprise on my desk this Saturday morning when I forgot I ordered Gertrude Hawk Almond Butter Crunch from a young friend for their church fundraiser. 

4.  My dog is goofy.  Yellow lab.  Beautiful.  And just plain goofy.  What a gem!

5.   I mixed a new batch of incense at Two Crow Cottage last week.  Should be dry enough to burn today.  I can hardly wait to try it!

Been awhile since I partied with Nancy for Random Five Friday...even though it's you go!  I missed the link up, but you can still visit the others here.