Friday, January 25, 2019


With all the snow and rain and ice...
well, the perfect day to get back into the studio to CREATE!!!

Many personal journals that I started before the holidays came barging through, are now back in the production line of my
"creative chaos"!!!

And this little gem of a book was stowed away on a tall shelf, 
that decided to just come down...shelf, books and all!
Now, I have never read this little set of books (Vols. 1 - 4 only) that were sitting so nicely up on that shelf, which is probably why they were dumped on me at this particular time...
after many years up there. 

You see, I collect old books, just for the hell of it, I guess, 
but mostly because they look great up on my shelves...

And as soon as I opened up Volume 1, I read in the lovely old script writing of the former owner, how deeply she felt about the knowledge and intellect of this writer, Dr. Frank Crane.

However, it was the introduction to the book that captivated me so much that I proceeded to read through Volume 1.

Now this is exactly the type of "to the point" writing that speaks volumes to me...and it is exactly the style of writing that I like to delve into myself with good old pencil and paper.  

And it is this "to the point" set of works that I have been working on for years, and have just now decided after reading Volume 1 of Dr. Crane's Four Minute Essays, that this will be the "living legacy" that I plan to leave behind...books that I have written, in my own sometimes scraggly, sometimes elegant handwriting.  

No, not published works, but a true testament to what makes me "tick"... with a little bit of what ticks me off, too! 

 This little set of books FOUND me at just the right time!


  Feeding the memory of Ursula!



Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later...

But, not a fan of the ice.  Although I did build an ice fort with candles to watch the BLOOD MOON!  The 40 mph winds didn't appreciate my ice fort candles!  

Back to the studio I go to create...ok, not to create, but to tidy up the chaos that has taken over...