Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sneak Peak ~ Art Journal Hop

Recently, I started an Art Journal Hop/Swap with a group of 9 Talented Chics...some of the gals of the Arty Tea Party Guild.  Each participant started their own book, and passed it on to the next in the group (alphabetically) to work on.  We gave ourselves 1 month to complete a spread, before it passes to the next person.  At the end, we each will receive our own Art Journal Book back with the beautiful artwork added from everyone.  So far so good!!!

The Original Title page kept as is...appropriate for an Art Journal, I thought!
My ART Book Cover
Sneak Peak...of one of my pages...

Nina's Coffee Table Book with doily and wine cork feet and Rosebud Sandy's Swirls
Original Title of Nina's Coffee Table Book; HOME
Sneak peak into my addition to Nina's HOME book...with sea glass from Judie!
 For more information on how to start your own Art Journal Hop/Swap
visit here...Art Journal Hop