Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Ends~Beginnings

A real beauty of a book cover.
This beautiful hardcover book, originally "Death of a Salesman", was shoved into the corner of a box at the library book sale, destined for the recycling bin.  Its innards were yellow, all torn and tattered.  The covers were in pristine condition, and holding onto what was left of the story.  They were whispering to me, as I walked by.  I heard them calling my name.  And now, these beauties are about to become a brand new personal journal.  With new pages just waiting for someone to write a new story...give it a whole new life.  As for the aged, and tattered pages, well the death of them is another journey to a new life with a new story as it will be recycled into new paper.  I think its new story will be titled, "Birth of a New Tale".

The Autumn foliage in New York state is a beautiful sight. 
This was a great book I found at a library book sale up in the Catskills. How perfect because it is full of the beauty of nature...especially in the  Fall.  
"Walking" by Henry David Thoreau

Recently, this giant steamer trunk was looking for a new home.  It belonged to a good witch who had to leave it behind when she flew off and headed out west.  She left it with a friend in the hopes that it would eventually end up in a good home, with good people, and good vibes.  I am very happy to say, that it is fulfilling all of her intentions for it!  Including sharing a space with Rosebud Sandy's sign declaring that, 
"Yes, indeed, It's All Good"...
It's always "all good" by candlelight!  

And one more thing...another friend, Nina has the very same trunk decked out at 
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  1. i'm loving that truck. what a real treasure. ( :
    have a great weekend.

  2. Great trunk!!!! And that book cover IS awesome!

  3. Love your journal cover and that trunk is awesome. B

  4. Those are awesome book covers. The furniture store that I shoot for has some consignment steamer trunks, those things are worth a bit of money.

  5. What a creative mind you have! That book cover's new life looks like a perfect fit. :)

  6. The book cover will make a lovely cover for your journal! The trunk is a real treasure.
    Thanks for your visit and comment!

  7. That trunk is such a good idea!! Love all the ideas for old books!!
    Rain :)

  8. That is creative suitcase usage. Great idea!