Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn in New York

Almost at full peak on the ridge! Maybe another week for the blaze of color to really show.
Weekly progression...

No time for indoor projects when the glory of Autumn is showing off out of doors.  But, I will get to those unfinished altered book projects in due time.  When the weather changes, and the cold winds blow, with the woodstove burning hot, and I have a nice pot of soup on with bread baking...yes, that is the time to work on the books!  Until then, enjoy the beauty of this colorful season.

GO FOR IT!  Get out there and join in on the conversation with the universe!
 It's a beautiful thing!
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  1. Goodness!!! Your pictures are beautiful!!! And you are so right...it is hard to do much inside when all of this is happening outside!!!

  2. You are so right-is never home or inside with all that beautiful autumn happening.

  3. That last shot of the leaves and the bridge is my favorite.

  4. Very pretty -- we are right there with you -- just the tops of the trees mostly showing some color.

  5. Completely agree Winter is long enough for all those other projects. Fall is fleeting.

  6. Adore the last image.... exceptional