Saturday, April 14, 2018


Meet Dante...

This is my 5th year in the LIBERATE YOUR ART POSTCARD SWAP, hosted by the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS KAT SLOMA of KATEYESTUDIO!  I have all the postcards that I have received over the years displayed in my art studio.  They all bring me JOY!  
In my previous post, you can see Dante on my decked out envie that carried my postcards cross-country to Kat! 

My first postcard reminds us to "BE IN THE MOMENT"...for in a moment, life can change!  A very cool collage by Mary Claire from Chicago!  

Postcard # 2 is a lovely black and white photograph taken at the Florida Botanical Gardens of very big bamboo!  All carved up by visitors who did not heed the sign that said...
"PLEASE DO NOT CARVE THE BAMBOO"!  This card is from Elissa, in Kat's town of Portland OR, who unfortunately did not have her pocket knife on her this day!  Guess you'll just have to go back again:)

Postcard # 3 arrived from the Greek Island of Dodecanese, Rhodes and has a wonderful message for all artists.  Margea says, "Find something you love and never let go!"

# 4 in the swap is from Darlene. This postcard reminded me that I have a wonderful collection of old cameras.  Hope you will pop in to visit Darlene for abit of her Peace, Love and Photography! 

Postcard # 5 hails from Susan in South Florida.  Like me, Susan loves the color purple, and this flow painting project looks like it was great fun to create! 

And of course, last but not least...a gem among gems (rock crystals) is from our WONDERFUL HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST...KAT SLOMA!  Thank you, Kat for bringing us all together here, from all over the world, to share our individual love of art and creativity! 

A few side swaps that I received...

This is Plum, official greeter in "forget me not forest" at
Two Crow Cottage, home of  HAPPY HERBS SOAP by Nina! 

From Peggy Choate, who has just published an Adult Coloring Book, entitled LOTUS TRIP!  How wonderful!

This lovely work of art is from Terry Owenby.  A paper thin vintage hanky, hand-stitched to a pink linen tablecloth.  My, my!

Mail art is great fun! 

With much Aloha to one and all...thank you for stopping by!  


  1. I love the postcards you've received. I haven't seen them anywhere else. I'm looking for mine...I only know where one of them landed this year. I'm sure I'll be seeing you next time around. In the meantime...take care and be happy. Love to you and yours.


  2. Nice postcards! Happy Hopping!

  3. A lovely collection. See younext year.

  4. Great cards and I think I have only seen one of them on the FB page so it makes your blog extra special. thanks for sharing

  5. Beautiful set of postcards! Carry on your Creativity! Best wishes from France.

  6. A lovely group of postcards. Hope to see you next year :)

  7. Beautiful postcards and shots :-) Cheers from Texas!

  8. Such wonderful postcards! And I love your blog!!

  9. Great job, VICKI! You really know how to "set the stage" to show off these works of art.

  10. Beautiful cards you received! I love to create with discarded books as well!

  11. What a nice collection of cards you received! As a Librarian-by-Day, I am intrigued with how you re-make old library books as art! Nice job! -- Michele at Sweet Leaf

  12. I haven't seen a lot of these, and I am so glad to see them here. I love that you still have all your cards up and displayed. I keep mine in little dollar store photo albums. They are next to my desk, for an instant shot of inspiration when I need it.LOL :) Your card is so serene and majestic, beautiful :) Happy creating to you, and see you next year :)

  13. Fun collection and I LOVE how you displayed them!

    Hope to get one of yours next year!

  14. Truly, truly beautiful! I love how you showed us the postcards too! Big Hugs!

  15. What fun displays of these fabulous cards!

  16. I'm so glad I received one of your postcards! You received some very special ones! Hope to see you next year!