Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Storytelling Journals

I have been asked by a friend to create a limited number of 
personal journals for early registrants in an upcoming
Now these are just a few of them, and each one is a OOAK work of art! No 2 are alike.  I just love all the textures on the front and back covers, and the inside contains coffee dyed pages, pockets, tags, tuck spots...many special spots and places for personal journaling with at least 50 pages in each one! 
Also included with your retreat registration, is a signed copy of Renee's new book scheduled for release on Oct. 1.  You can preorder your copy on Amazon thru the link up above.  

I love making these journals!  I love all the elements that are sharing space along with fabric and fibers, sassafras leaves, patchouli leaves, wood bark...whatever jumped out at me and screamed..."PICK ME"!  They are now lying on a bed of palo santo wood awaiting shipment.  And if you have never smelled palo santo wood...you should seek it out!  There's nothing like it! 

Thanks for stopping by...I'm in full "creative chaos" mode in my studio!  And loving every minute of it...(but, still have to keep the day job!)  



  1. oh wow your journals look amazing!! I need to learn how to put handmade papers into a nice journal-these are so special the recipients will just love them