Monday, March 5, 2018

Strut Your Art Stuff

Once again, old man winter gets to participate in this year's LIBERATE YOUR ART POSTCARD SWAP hosted by KAT SLOMA @ KATEYESTUDIO!  This is the decorated envie that holds my cool postcards of Dante the horse strutting his stuff in the snow! I will show my postcard, as well as the ones I receive in the swap...from all over the world!  This is my 5th year in the swap, and I can't wait to see what I get!!!  Thank you, Kat!


  1. Been a while since I've done a art card.
    Coffee is on

  2. I tried to have pen pals but our postal system here is the pits. Last year, 6 postcards/letters were sent to me (from Canada, California and Australia with the first being sent in June) and I never received any of them. :(

  3. Hi Vicki, I love your postcard . . . this swap really sounds like a lot of fun :)
    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog, I love company:)

  4. I love your postcard! What a fun swap!

  5. How fun Vicki - I look forward to the big reveal!

  6. Hi Vicki!
    I received one of your postcards in the mail this week here in Columbus, Ohio! I was delighted to meet Dante the horse, looking so handsome against the snow. I am also a outdoor photographer who loves traveling around to take nature photos and I just love photos of animals. I also was looking through your blog and your journals are just gorgeous!

    Thank you for liberating your art!

    1. Great! Thank you for letting me know! I will be posting all the ones I receive here and on the FB page after the swap is over! THINK SPRING!!!