Monday, August 19, 2013

Repurposed Old Book Covers

Old Reader's Digest Covers
Now there is something to be said about cruising the library's used book sale, for lo and behold was a box of vintage Reader's Digest Condensed novels from the 1940's - 50's with those beautiful hardback covers.  Nobody seems to read them anymore, because there are literally tons of them that get discarded and nobody is buying them.  Lucky for me, I snagged them before they hit the recycling bin.  They are just perfect for making personal journals to haul off to the Little World's Fair in Grahamsville.

I like to mix the covers for more interest. 
Measure papers 1/4" shorter on 3 sides, (I also include some of the end papers that are aged..some have that linen quality), punch a few holes, add some binder rings...and voila.  A very cool personal journal, or art journal that you can remove and add more papers to as you go along.  ENJOY!


 I have a supply of library DATE DUE cards to use for tags.  It was a great day at the Catskill fair!



  1. I do so love recycling things and particularly old library books. Your journals look smashing :-)

  2. loved seeing what you did with your great find~!
    the date due cards are pretty cool too. they don't use those anymore.


  3. I've seen a lot of these really cheap and never thought of using them like this! What a great idea! WOW!

  4. Loved this . . . creative, useful, a bit vintage, good 'dea . . .