Saturday, August 3, 2013

Random Five Friday...on Saturday

Napali Coastline/Kauai

(better late than my opinion...I use that excuse for work, too)

1.   The above photo is the first stop on my bucket day hopefully not to far off.
2.   I recently got to see the Eagles in concert at Bethel Woods, formerly Woodstock. GREAT SHOW!

3.  I have experienced a soul really, and the Universe is having a conversation with me! It has given me great peace and great joy!

4.  I have no idea where all these clothes have come from, that nobody seems to be wearing, yet they keep ending up in the laundry pile...again...and now, they are off to Goodwill.

5.  I am on a mission...a mission of true happiness.  It feels wonderful!
Random 5 Friday
Thanks Nancy for hosting...


  1. I have never been in such a beautiful place Kauai. it's like a fairy tale for me. I love all your random 5 thoughts a lot! Especially I love that you are having a soul awakening and you have a piece and joy! I think we all want to have it so much.

  2. Would be an amazing place to visit.

    I'm on a mission of contentment. :) Thanks for joining in this week! xo

  3. Anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands is my destination this winter. I've declared it, and now just have to make the declaration a fact. I must be the last person on this island who hasn't visited those islands.
    A conversation with the universe can be life-changing. Are you ready for that?

  4. I am glad to be your follower. I like your blog very much!

    Greetings from Kaya.

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  6. Well, this all sounds GREAT! Congrats :)

  7. This post just makes me smile! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for popping in for a visit. Love your random five list. I have been to Hawaii, but did not see this gorgeous view. I would love to go back when I have more time to explore. I'm so jealous of your Eagles experience. I love them! "How Long" is my all time favorite. Hope your mission to happiness is a great success. Have a great day and please come back for a visit soon. ~Laurie

  9. I wish blessings on you. Thanks for your comment love. :)