Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random 5 Friday...on Saturday

A rose is a rose...a wonderful "scent-ual" gift from a friend.

Once again it is Saturday when I get around to Random 5 Friday hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal.  I'm just always too busy on Fridays at work...and today I loafed...all day!
So here goes...

1.  I love avocados...with a bit of cider vinegar, in a salad, on a sandwich (especially on top of chicken salad), on tacos...just love them.

2.  I am in denial about my 3rd child leaving home to go to college in 13 days.  The baby.  I am strong...deep breaths.

3. I always have such high hopes in the spring in the garden. I try, but I guess I have to just leave the real gardening to my friends Nina and Andrea whose gardens are AB FAB!!!  The weeds, well, they have become my friends...C'est la vie!

4.  I belong to a great group of "talented chics", known as the Arty Tea Party Guild.  We share our collective talents and meet once a month at a different location to learn new techniques/skills, etc.   We eat, drink and are very merry. 
Check it out...Arty Tea Party.

5.  My yellow lab is stepping up to the plate to be Alpha Dog now that his older black lab "hero" has passed.  He sure does have some big paws to fill and I continue to shake my head wondering what he is thinking half the time.  He sure is cute though, even while he is out there howling at the moon.
Meet Harley...with his tangled Christmas bow.
And my best dog ever, Higgins with a local box turtle.
Random 5 Friday
Thanks Nancy for hosting...


  1. i love avocadoes too but have never dressed them with cider vinegar before . . . will have to try that.

    as for spring expectations, i've been feeling a bit let down by my own lately. i try hard but have yet to glide into fall completely satisfied. i guess it's a good thing that i enjoy that trying hard part.

    thanks for your visit.


  2. Totally with ya on the avocado love! Ah to have my own avocado tree, sheer bliss it would be :)

    1. yes, perfectly reasons to gripe:)

  3. Yum to the avocados!
    The pup is beautiful - you must be having fun with him. He will keep your mind off the empty nest.

  4. I like your random 5, particularly the doggies.
    Avocados with vinaigrette, favourites too.