Monday, July 30, 2012


In an effort to gain focus on "Now and the Future" I have vowed to move forward 
with my art.  And though I don't possess any particular talent or skill, 
like painting, or sculpting, or jewelry making,
I am reminded very clearly of when I began my journey into "altered books".  
For all 3 of my first books came about somewhat effortlessly, without much thought...
it just happened!  And my books came to life!
and they each had a very basic theme...passion.  
 Deep seeded...passion, that is apparent within my creative soul...
Creating something helps me to dig deep into my soul 
for additional strength as I seek balance.
  For now that my children are grown, they don't need me as much, 
and I feel somewhat lost and abandoned.

I feel my life going in a new direction, a direction that actually includes my needs and wants, something for ME...not MOM~ME/MOMMY...but just plain old ME. 

I've been busy taking more photos...walking in the woods with my 2 dogs...
picking up perfectly rounded  rocks to stack...
and acorns, still green...making paper cranes...
and blending and rolling my very own incense, thanks to Nina of HAPPY HERBS SOAP.
  So here, drying in my meditation bowl handmade for me by Nina, 
are my newly rolled cones of incense from a special blend 
that I created in the studio at Two Crow Cottage.  
This personal blend never had a name...until now...very simply...I named it, PASSION!
It is reddish in color, which I believe is the color of true passion.
  Red and burning hot!!!
Here are two paper cranes, that I named TRAV & JESS preparing for flight
as Nina's 2 incense crows burn that soaring instinct into their spirited souls.

I am on a mission...a journey to be happy, enlightened with new found wisdom 
that will bring me inner peace and joy, as I struggle to let go!!!


  1. my dear friend----YOU are a passionate inspiration!!!!

  2. I love the way you write from the heart. No wonder all this talk of passion! When your girls were younger you always found time to unleash that very creative passion you have. Now with more "you" time, I know you will dazzle us and please your soul. I have decided to try to give myself more time with my sewing machine...
    hugs, Andrea

    1. Thank you my friend...It's been a long haul to this point. And I'm glad that our families are friends...

  3. Hu la la has such a fine way of expressing her passionate side that she makes the reader feel like they are a part of her story.