Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The chaotic side of my creativity is sometimes counter productive.  For at this moment, I have more unfinished art projects than I care to admit.  I think back to my first altered book that I named, "PASSION'S SLAVE".  It was a tiny little board book that came to life quite effortlessly.  I didn't think about it, I didn't plan just happened.  And my 2nd altered book named, "YOU'RE MY THRILL", came to life the exact same way.  They are tucked away in the bottom drawer of a dresser in my abandoned attic studio.  I have shown them in public only once a few years ago when I participated in the ALTERED BOOK/BOOK SHOW at Hamish and Henry Bookstore in Livingston Manor.  They were not for sale...they were a part of my soul then, as they are now.

Well, tomorrow, I will take them out and put them on display in a very prominent location so as to kick-start the creative chaos into high gear again and dig down deep into my soul for some loving inspiration to perhaps finish some of these projects.

It's late...tomorrow's another day...

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