Monday, August 6, 2012

Into the Woods...

It is peaceful living in the woods, that is once you get used to the night noises of the owls, and of course the serenade of the summer peepers.  The first time I heard a pileated woodpecker, I was waiting for something to come flying out at me swinging from vine to vine.  The cicadas song is a constant buzz, a seemingly distant sound, of which you don't even hear, unless you really listen.  For it is ever present.  There is nothing more peaceful than to awaken with the sun and the songs of so many different birds.  And of course, the black crows, or ravens who visit me, carrying a message from Nina, remind me of how to adjust my own life flight plans, when the winds blow into my life.   There truly is magic in everyday, and we must be ever watchful, lest we miss the opportunity to respond with creativity, and yes, PASSION!!!

Now this one must be a "passion" mushroom, heart shaped dual caps, MELD INTO ONE!

Sunday was a time for reflection.  I even walked barefoot in the light rain through the grass.  And walking through the woods always produces some thought provoking inspiration from which to draw on for yet another project.  For after all the rains, the tornado, hail, crazy weather of late, topped off by the 90 - 100 degree temperatures, there lies on the mossy woodland floor an array of beautiful mushrooms.  Yes, fungi...some so teeny tiny they are smaller than the smallest of acorns.  They are red in color, same color of "passion".  Some are yellow, and brown, some are spotted and there are white ones with the most amazing patterns under their CAPS.



They are beautiful in their own right, and some are even poisonous but yet, they sit undisturbed, reaching up out of the ground for me to capture
and share with you. 
  I think they smile at this destiny.  ENJOY!


  1. oh hula-la, honey, you have such a way with words...and I love the "passion" shroon...

  2. quite poetic...keep up the good work...

  3. Vicki,... I did all of the other things and do have an account. I guess I'll just try to hit the publish button and see if you get this.
    If not I'll just try again tomorrow, when I'm fresh in the AM.

    1. Yay Judie ~ You did it! Can't wait to see some of your gourdsnthings up here...bloggin away...

      Thank you for your perseverance. You ROCK!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to walk barefoot thru the grass and head for the woods!

  5. ohhh, YOUR MUSHROOM FASHION SHOW is absolutely wonderful too; I lve each one!!!!!!!

    Wonderful inspiring blog you have; all the very best & see you soon & so many thanks for stepping into my tuscany, I loved it!!!

    ciao ciao elvira