Friday, January 28, 2011


I truly love the snow and all its pristine beauty.  There is nothing more peaceful than walking outside at night through the woods when the snow is falling.  There is not a sound. Something very therapeutic and cleansing about it all!!!
And since old man winter seems to want to keep dumping all this glorious white stuff all around us, I am forced to focus on my art studio space.  Purging and finding the proper homes for all the items that have been pushed aside as I search for just the right piece of fabric or the perfect button to add to a project is becoming quite the chore.  And since my altered book projects, 3 of them in progress, are at a standstill, I will share some of the ones that I have completed!  The beginnings of the "Creative Chaos" in my home!

My favorite things...books...I suppose that is why I work in a library!  The used book store has so many possibilities.  And I know the books I have chosen to alter, enjoy the new journey they have embarked upon!   Several are now on display at  a 1759 Revolutionary War Farmhouse for a Valentine's Day Open House.  They invite the visitors to touch and become immersed in their new journey.  Once I get "my space"organized, I shall get back to the true passion of my artistic side!

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