Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art Journal Hop/Sneak Peek

Lucy's book~her pages!
Here is a sneak peek at one of the books in the Art Journal Swap/Hop...oh and HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!! This is a collaboration between 10 of the talented chics of the Arty Tea Party.  Each member chose a book from the used book sale of the local library, and using whatever our little hearts desired began to alter it creating a 2 page spread along with the decorated cover.  Then, once a month when we gather, (though the swap times have been off thanks to someone who shall remain nameless that can crank them out at will and passing them on before the next meeting some of us have ended up with 3 at a time...) where was I???  Oh yes, we exchange them at our gatherings,  add our little bit of creativity to the book, and then pass it on again.  At the end, each Art Journal will have the talents of all participating members as it makes its way back to the original owner.  What fun!  
A peek at Nina's purple page of plumes...
The very cool thing about Nina's page is that it is scented. Incorporating her ground herbs that she uses to create her incense
crows (you can buy them online from her etsy shop) into some paint and then applying it to the page...well, just as soon as you turn the page, your senses become awakened!

One more peek...the beginning of my addition as I looked for pages with words that I could use to tell a story of love...lo and behold ~
Passion ~  It's all about passion!!!
Anybody who knows me, knows that passion is my middle name! Ok, right up there before "Creative Chaos", and to me the color of passion is RED...AND BURNING HOT!  
"Thanks, love."
Now since we are members of the Arty Tea Party it only seemed right to use the label and packaging from my PASSION tea that I have on hand.  The tiny teabag tag will become a mini journal with a tiny love note scribbled inside.  The image I have chosen comes from an old magazine of a couple headed off to the drive-in in one of those big old vintage automobiles, like one of these babies at the car show...did I mention passion???
For tips on how to start your own Art Journal Hop, visit Lisa at 
Priti Studio.  And stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks of our Art Journal Hop.  Thanks for stopping by.  Pop in to say hello to Nina of  Happy Herbs Soap at Two Crow Cottage and to see what the Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party are up to.


  1. It's so much fun to see all of these beautiful pages! I need to get my art journal back out and get creative! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Those are all beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  3. love seeing what others are doing with art journaling and a hop does sound like fun.

    i finally finished an art journal page of my own and you can see it in my most recent post if you wish. I've already started on page #2 and am having a great time.

    thanks for always inspiring me.