Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random 5 Friday (on Saturday) oops...

I am joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.  This is my first time, and because Friday was just one of those days, well, here it is Saturday for my post.  

1.  I am happy that it is finally Spring here in the Northeast United States...however, while sunny this morning, it is still quite cold with 20 degree nights.  Now what is with that?

2.  I love living in the woods.  It is peaceful, with an abundance of wildlife surrounding us.  My favorite wild things are the owls that keep watch over my home from the tall, tall trees, the deer that always keep my dog in a tizzy, and soon the summer peepers will put out a constant buzz that you don't seem to notice as it is always there.

3.  I belong to a group of talented chics and we meet once a month at a different location to share our creative talents, techniques and ideas.  This week, we made Soy Candles  
4.   I am anxiously awaiting the postcards from the LYA Postcard Swap.  They should start arriving this week.  See my previous post for a peek at mine.

5.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... I HAVE THE DAY OFF TODAY!!!  And I am going with my group of talented friends to set up a corner of a new shop with our arts/crafts/wares...oh and to take my daughter dress shopping for her Senior Ball.  JOY!

Happy Spring and have a great, creative weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your 5 facts with us!
    I've made candles as you illustrated. So fun!

  2. Your monthly craft day with friends sounds like fun! Candle making sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. I enjoyed reading your 5 randoms for Saturday. Hee Hee. How fun to make your own candles. I LOVE burning candles. And I bet you can't wait to get your postcards.. I played along last year and it was fun getting Postcards from all over the world..

    Thanks so much for following my blog and leaving such a kind comment.. It is very much appreciated.


  4. I hope you enjoyed your Friday - It's so nice to have a day off on Fridays every now and then! Post some Pictures of your work with the postcards :)

  5. going to look into your postcard swap sounds fun. i love those candles. do you have the recipe or was it something you just joined in on? sounds fun. so great for Christmas or another event you need to make gifts for some one. too great!! have a great weekend. ( :

    1. Hello Beth,
      I can't wait to start receiving my postcards from the swap. Anything besides bills in the mailbox or junkmail...makes for silly happy dancing. As for the soy candles, it was the hostess' expertise. She melted the soy wax in the microwave, we added a few drops of color, (special color drops) and when the wax cooled abit, we added the oils...must be proportioned to the size. It cured for 24 hours, and my Cedarwood/Vanilla smells amazing! You can contact her, Lynn, via the blog post on the Arty Tea Party site. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. The soy candle making sounds like a fun activity.

  7. I hope it will warm up for you soon. Lovely shot of the tall trees in the snow!

  8. So glad to meet you! I really appreciated your comment on my current events blog, and am so glad you are following me now, too!Loved these Random 5! It sounds like fun to live in "your neck of the woods!"