Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Art Journal "HOP"

OK, so this is not a picture of my book that has just been "swapped" in the Round Robin Art Journal "HOP".  But, it is a beautiful photo of the lovely purple crocus that definitely tells us that SPRING HAS SPRUNG...YAY!!!
So, about the Art Journal "HOP".  A while back I won a sack of art goodies from the ladies of the JOY IN THE POST BLOG PARTYI rounded up 10 of my local Arty Tea Party friends and we each chose our own book to "alter" and swap around the group of 10.  The 1st swap took place last Saturday, and we now have 1 month to complete a spread in the book we have received.  I will post photos as I get them done.  This will continue until each of the 10 books makes its way throughout the entire group, and your own book ends up back in your hands with original artwork from each of your "HOP" swappers.  But check out the original post and look up the gals from the giveaway.  They are awesome! 


  1. I can't wait to see your spreads in the altered journal. It is great fun to be working in different journals. Is there a theme? The journal swap that I am in creates spreads on home towns. At least I only have to wait until late October to see what has happened in my journal. Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. I love crocuses.

  2. So lovely -- spring bulbs blooming hold a promise of warmth and color to come. Well done my friend.

  3. Yay for Spring! Beautiful flowers!

    But I heard that it snowed again, but that was for Wyoming. When it gets to Colorado in April. I tend to worry about a lot more things.

  4. The first sights of spring always make my heart smile. Purple flowers do too.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  5. Gorgeous crocus! Such a great spring flower!