Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Envie Swap 2013

Decorated Envelopes
These are 2 of my decorated envelopes for a "Winter Themed Envie Swap" with the Arty Tea Party Guild that I belong to.  The Christmas tree is holding on to them for dear life, as we are not quite ready for the whole Christmas scene to disappear.  Though we are bound to get more snow to make the winter season bright.  (Until the sand and salt turn it into a yucky, slushy mess...tis the season.)

Honolulu bound...ALOHA!
 The envie on the right is headed for Honolulu Hawaii and a special person who is no doubt enjoying something cold on the beach.   Perhaps one day they will get to the northeast to experience real cold and winter.  Then again, that's probably why they live in a tropical paradise...no cold...no snow! 
(check out the Alaska Iditirod Postage Stamp...)
...let it snow, man...
For more on the Arty Tea Party Gang, visit here...Arty Tea Party  And of course, while you are hopping around, don't forget to visit Nina of Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crow Cottage  There you will find a fabulous review of her Woodland Spell Incense.

...in the meadow we can build a snowman...


  1. Your envelopes are darling! I'm happy to live where we get snow. I think it's magical. My family made snowmen on Christmas Eve and that was a treat! ... Thanks so much for stopping by Elizabeth & Co. I came by to respond since you are a no-reply commentor. (If you want, you can change that setting in your blogger profile.) You asked about having the courage to paint wood furniture. I love that question. My answer is this - if a piece is being used, enjoyed and loved as it is, then leave it alone. But if you are tired of it, it is sad and ignored or it needs a new lease on life, then by all means go for it - paint away. Furniture, like people, should be loved! I have never had a moment of regret! ... You might also consider eliminating word verification. You will get a ton more comments without it. And it simply isn't necessary.

  2. Adorable envelopes! I love the Arty Tea Party concept! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays.

  3. i love your envelopes! tx for sharing you have given me some gd ideas, i never would have thought to decorate the envelope! aloha, angi in hana

  4. I LOVE these envelopes. The only thing better than making one is receiving one. Thanks for sharing your ideas.