Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Handmade Stockings

Look at these lovely handmade wool and felt stockings from Dear Andrea over at Indian Springs.  Her appliqued cardinals are so divine with incredible details.  I just had to have one for a special person who is located in the Pacific Ocean and does not experience the cold, snowy winter months like we do here in the Northeast United States.  I believe she has some more of these beauties for sale...Andrea's Cardinals.  Fa la la...
Woodland Spell Incense Crows
You can even fill up one of those fabulous stockings with the great Woodland Spell Incense from Nina at Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crow Cottage and some of her wonderful herbal soaps.  My personal fave is the Lavender/Patchouli blend, along with her pulse point roll-on scented oils.  I always feel AB FAB, "ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS" after using one of those...I am a very "scentual" person!  So please visit my will be happy you did!  Fa la la...and all that jazz!

1 comment:

  1. the stockings are fabulous~!
    we don't see cardinals in our area which is too bad as i admire their brilliant color.

    i like good smells too. i enjoy having the apple cider simmering as much for the heavenly scent that it fills the house up with as the taste.