Monday, November 19, 2012

Paper Play

My favorite art supply...paper

Now, everyone knows that I have a thing for books.  They are like OLD FRIENDS.  And I have more than my share, for sure.  They are prominently displayed in every room of my home.  The vintage ones that have such great character are just beautiful to look at and make for great home decor.

And then there are those that I acquire at book sales, some of which are destined for the ones used for these wonderful paper stars.  For the binding is loose, and the pages are falling out, and they are just calling my name, pleading with me to give them an extended life.  So, here is their destiny...for now!

Paper Christmas Trees and delicate paper flowers.

I love these paper flowers.  They look great on some old spring pussy willow branches that the cat loved to play with, until all the soft fuzzy buds were off, leaving them bare just to make room for these paper beauties.   Aren't they sweet?

Yes, I love working with old discarded books and the tales they tell.  There is intrigue among these pages, especially now that they have a new life.  I think they smile at their destiny. They have a whole new story to tell, don't you think?

Love, love, love Altered Books...


  1. These are fabulous love them. Caroline xxx

  2. love the look of those stars and the flowers have such a vintage romance look to them . . . cute idea to put them onto the branches~!
    and the trees are quite fun as well.
    really enjoy seeing your creativity with the old book pages.


  3. What cute things made from old books! Very unique and creative.

  4. Hi there, so glad you stopped by, I love old books too, especially for re-purposing, yes I am one of them, give me an old book and I love to give it a new life!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays to you!!
    Marilou xoxo