Saturday, November 3, 2012

Incense For Inspiration

The Mixing Mirror © 2013

The first thing on the agenda today is to mix and roll some of my "passion" incense in order to awaken the  the inner spirit that influences my inspiration.  I burn incense constantly when I am home doing my "domestic" duty all the while sneaking in some of my creative chaos along the way.  On my vintage mirror that I use to gather my supplies, are the last of the Autumn mums and gourds, along with the dried herbs and resins to mix with the 2 year old homemade wine from the grapes at Two Crow Cottage that I use to 
create "passion".

Mini scrapbook or journal
 While the washing machine is doing its thing, I have a slew of papers spread all over my work space in order to complete at least one of the mini altered book ~ scrapbook journals that I started before the storm blew into town and disrupted my inspirational flow.

I can also fit dishes and baking into this little scenario because everyone is out and about, and I have the whole place to myself in order to just LET LOOSE!

Watch out!!!  And if you want to get some incense to enhance your creativity, visit Nina of 
Happy Herbs Soap at Two Crow Cottage.


  1. Hi....hope all is well with you you now. Fingers crossed things stay peaceful from now on!
    Looks like you're enjoying time to yourself - good for you :-) Hope the inspiration flows....

  2. HI, I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd stop on by my blog and follow me back!


  3. Hi, loving the little book, more pictures please! Wow, making your own incense, now that's something I've never tried but living in a city with a high asian population I have no trouble buying a multitude of incense sticks :-) Glad to hear that Sandy wasn't as bad as it could be for you. Happy creating x