Sunday, August 26, 2012

Play Day

It's a very productive Sunday!
The sheets are drying on the line, (for there is nothing finer than air dried bed sheets)...the kitchen sink is empty and shining bright (which makes me smile), and it is relatively quiet.

Thankfully, that is, after a Saturday morning rush to URGENT CARE with our oldest daughter for what looked to be Anaphalactic Shock... We are breathing a big sigh of relief, as she is on the mends from a severe allergic reaction to something, that is yet to be determined. Up all night with worry gave me the opportunity to plan a Sunday at home instead of at Long Beach Island with some close friends...

So, born today is a new batch of "Passion" incense which is drying along side the mini clay incense burner I made for Mary, a true HIPPIE friend at work.  There are 3 mini clay tiles drying, too, that will adorn the 3 lucky herbal soaps that Nina has made for a new friend we made at the 
Little World's Fair in Grahamsville.

The clay, is not quite leatherhard in order to file the edges...but, soon...then the glazing, which always turns out to be an experiment in its own right.  Next week, we'll take a batch of glazed items to Gen's to fire in her kiln.  A very nice arrangement, indeed!

I am continuing the "relentless" pursuit of inner peace and enlightenment as
my husband of 25 years, and I, give in to the harsh reality of our
3rd and youngest child entering her senior year of high school!
Where does the time go?  It is truly BITTERSWEET
So, as I, the MOM, try to figure out what comes next, I'm keeping busy with plenty 
of my favorite items on hand with which to create...chaos...



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