Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the dogs are chasing squirrels and romping in the very squishy mud... Oh, to live in the country!

I am truly inspired by the very talented group of ladies at the ArTy TeA ParTies of Michelle at
A-MUSINGS OF AN AWKWARD MIND. There is a wide range of artisans in this community and she is tapping into all of them and bringing them together to promote and learn about the different artistic styles of individuals.

Michelle, (aka "Miss Pickles" in libraryland) is such a dynamo that being around her makes you want to just create! Something, anything...just go for it! Check out her blog below!


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  1. You're blog is smokin' hot. How'd ya do all this fancy stuff. Its awesome. And Thanksso much for the link. I'd like to do the same for
    you so tell me how. You're such a brainiac, really your knowledge is huge!!!!!!