Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What...no snow?

I was looking forward to the great snow of the year...and here in New York STATE, not NYC, we got NOTHING!  Totally bummed out about that because we were prepared!  Everywhere in surrounding states and local towns got tons of snow!  And since there is no snow to shovel, or build a cool snowman with, or snow fort which I love to do, complete with a snowseat with a spot to put your beer down, complete with candles to enjoy at night, I spent some time checking out some new blogs.  And above is what I found at Leonie Wise.

It's a great manifesto for good wholesome living, wouldn't you say?  So, until we get clobbered with snow, which we most assuredly will before winter is over, I will snoop around the internet to find some new blogs to inspire me!  Oh, and I think I will get out a box of crayons and color!

If you know of a good one, remember, "it's nice to share"!  


  1. The snow always finds us eventually. We get snow, it rains, mostly goes away, freezes, turns to ice...repeat...

  2. I miss snow....sometimes...I miss more that I can't be part of the beautiful winter scapes people are posting. I hope you get to make your snow fort Vicki. And isn't it funny how all of sudden there are those adult coloring books everywhere?

  3. That is a great manifesto. I've definitely fallen under the spell of manifestos and it's always fun being introduced to an new one. So thank you Vicki. And here's to new crayons and no-shoveling-needed faux storms.