Wednesday, April 15, 2015


RADIANCE by Ellery Lewis

1.  Ellery describes this beauty..."inspired by the pattern of douglas fir cone scales, really cool that the dry, dead-looking cones contain the ability to give life to new trees".  WONDERFUL!

 NEW YORK - BULL in ink by Diane McWhirter
2.  This from Diane:  "Many things inspire me and I think that for every piece of art created there is someone, somewhere just waiting to love it.  You just have to believe they will find each other".

Now what I love about this piece all the way from Canberra, Australia, is that she is exactly right about a piece finding the right person, because I live in New York, and my sign is Taurus the Bull!

LAVENDER by Terry Owenby
 3.  I just love this wonderful collage inspired by a wonderful bar of lavender soap gifted to Terry by her sister.  She even used pieces of the box that the soap came in, along with a very cool item that I absolutely love, vintage book binding cloth.  Inspired me to delve into a collage of my own using some of my stash.

Mediterranean Sea - Corsica, France  by Cindy Chilton
4.  This very scenic spot that I can only dream of visiting in person someday, was sent in by Cindy who can be found at

by Kristen Playford
5.  This lovely photo postcard was taken by Kristen's house in SW Portland, and it looks like an invitation to ADVENTURE!  Thank you, Kristen!


6.   The  pièce de résistance is this autumn colored branch by the one and only Kat Sloma, the Hostess of the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap.  A huge undertaking for Kat and her terrific peeps, so please stop by to say THANK YOU!!!

And these are the ones I sent out...OLD MAN WINTER!
Hope you are all enjoying the swap and the hop.  And if you happen to receive one of mine, please do drop me a line to let me know!



  1. Ah, one of these years I will be organized enough to participate in this! Lovely!

  2. So glad you liked my card. I too am a book lover, especially old books. I can't explain what it is that draws me to these tattered volumes but it's nice to know there are others out there who have this same feeling. :-)

  3. Loved your postcard from "Liberate Your Art"!!
    Had my first trip to NYC this past 9/11.

    1. Nancy Lee, did you receive one of mine? I haven't heard from anyone yet. Please let me know. Aloha

  4. Beautiful cards and lovely photos Vicki, swaps are always fun to participate in.

  5. The cards you received are wonderful. Each so different and the card you sent is lovely! Looking forward to 2016!

  6. Nice cards you received... and the one you sent is so peaceful...

  7. I didn't get one of yours, but I am sure those who did were loving it! Happy LYA!

  8. Your snow scene cards are really lovely and what a fine array of art cards you received also!
    This is my first year participating.
    Happy beginning of the weekend.

  9. Thanks so much for trading with me, love you sunset! Hope to see you again next year :)

  10. Such happy times to be in a postcard swap! Perhaps we'll meet via postcard in 2016! In the meantime, visit me at: Cheers!

  11. Love seeing what everyone received! This was my 1st year, and so far, I haven't seen anywhere my cards landed. Yours was lovely! Looking forward to next year--such fun!

  12. So fun to see your "haul" of wonderful art Vicki. I swear I'm going to play every year and somehow never do, but I'm going to change that next year. Seems like too much fun to miss out on.

  13. So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!

  14. Hello Vicki,

    I'm back to thank you for the card you sent my mom following her surgery. She was so happy to receive it. It was such a thoughtful and kind thing for you to do for her...for me. Take care and I do hope to see you again next year. Love to you and yours!


  15. Vicki, I just saw your message on my blog, it was in the spam inbox! Well no worry about your Winter cards, I of course can wait for the next batch to come. Is your email address ending with Just want to make sure, would you please let me know and I will email you my address... Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing from you... xo

  16. Beautiful Vicki, such lovely works sent and received. Happy LYA 2015

  17. Hello Vicki, I'm very late in thanking you for Old Man Winter, received a long while ago. I was unable to take part in the blog hop and life has had me in a state of upheaval. However, I will say I loved your photo. It puts me in a state of waitingness. Good luck and best wishes. Ann Isik: :)