Tuesday, November 3, 2015


An old Art Book transformed into an Altered Art Journal
It's that time of year again, when the gorgeous, vibrant colors of Autumn are fading away and I ponder what has become of my Art Book in the Neverending Book Hop/Swap.  Now, I believe I began this project 2 years ago with 9 of my Arty Tea Party gal pals, and I have not seen my book since, except for a sneak, behind my back change of hands. 
I left these pages as is...to remind me of how it began.
Added a Zinnia from the garden, and passed it on.
So, I am anxiously awaiting its return to me!
All the while, embracing the ch-ch-changes of the wonderful season that is Autumn!



  1. Love the altered books-and those leaves! Fall is a treasure...

  2. I hope your book comes back to your soon :)

  3. Here in the NW our colors are fading as well. The last storm pretty much blew every leaf off of every tree! Time for a little indoor inspiration!

    1. Yes, I am working on some indoor inspiration today, in fact! When the weather changes, the knitting of scarves begins! Aloha and thanks for stopping by!