Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time Flies...wait, what???

Well, sometime last year I encouraged my gal pals to join me in an Altered Book Art Journal Swap.  It should have been completed by now, except that some of my very talented friends can crank out pages in their sleep, leaving me with way too many books at once.  NO EXCUSE, I KNOW!
I don't even know what day it is half the damn time, I'm so busy, busy, busy with the day job!

Andrea made a paper bag book with pockets for lots of tags and goodies!
Some stained glass treasures from Judie!

Some lovely smelling petals from Nina!
 Nonetheless, the project is coming to a close and Andrea is the lucky one to have had hers completed and returned first.  Here are just some of the pages from some of the books.  When all is done and everyone has their own books returned to them, I will post them on the Arty Tea Party blog for all to enjoy.

Until then, here's a sneak peak...ENJOY!
A bit of Kitty's charm with her matchbook style messages.

OK, so when I get some sense of order and manage to get some ME time in, I will continue the posting of the many books and pages. It's a great project, and so much fun to see the individual styles and talents.   Aloha for now!



  1. What great books, I can see where you could get plowed under with all of them. Awesome creativeness though.

  2. First off...aloha stranger!!!! These are so bright and colorful and amazing works of art.

    1. Hello Friend,
      Way too much going on, and I feel like I am going backwards! But it's all a-okay! Middle one just graduated college and oldest one is playing at Carnegie Hall next week, and that is making things even better. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly! I'll be in touch! ALOHA SPIRIT coming your way!

  3. I love creating altered books! The pages you share are fabulous and inspiring. Diane @

  4. oh gosh, i have been feeling so bad because i haven't yet even begun on the art book swap that we talked about . . . life is just crazy busy sometimes and just when one thinks it's going to settle down a bit something else comes along and surprises one.
    i think there will be a better time in both of our future's for that trade . . . at least i hope so.

    these altered pages are so inspirational to see. total eye candy~!

    take good care.