Friday, June 13, 2014

Neverending Book Swap

Finally, a page in Kay's book for the book swap that never ends, even though it was supposed to be completed by last Christmas.  Oh well.  Whose bright idea was this anyway????  Oh wait, it was mine!  And I am the one holding everyone up!!!
It's a 2 page spread in a book that has mirrors and chains and talismans.  (You can see more of Kay's book on the Arty Tea Party blog.)  This book, the largest in the swap, is a real treat because of all the calligraphy, which I just had to use.

Hope you enjoy!  


  1. A long time ago I took a calligraphy class I wonder how hard it would be to get back to it. of course, now there are all those lovely computer fonts.

  2. So beautiful and what creativity. Something this special takes time...lots of time...sometimes it's never ending time. I always loved calligraphy, too. Haven't done it in such a long out of practice. Lovely journaling...I've been so tempted to start, but I tell myself....not one more thing, Sue....remember you are prone to OverDo...LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by my Button post.

  3. I love journal swaps! It has taken me a while to get over the fear of working in someone else's journal. Love this page you created.