Sunday, February 9, 2014

Had enough? Not me...

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Sledding anyone??? 

Yes, we are getting slammed this year, and I'm lovin' it!!!
No book projects getting done this week...but it's a.o.k, cause I'm  having so much fun with the beauty of winter!


  1. Miss the snow - and woodpeckers! Happy Sunday...Tanya

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying it. I try find some joy in it, but it is getting hard. If only the bike paths could be uncovered, I would be so happy to be able to walk outside again.

  3. Yeah! We're loving it too! Though.. We had intended to get out snowshoeing or hiking today but didn't make it because we had freezing fog. I'm all about snow, but not so sure about mist that freezes onto me. Hooray for winter :)

  4. Your winter is indeed a thing of beauty. I am soooo jealous! That said, we may get ice again on Tuesday. I'll take it. I'm getting desperate here.

  5. I love winter, and snow. We're having a mild winter here so I'm enjoying all the snow pictures I see on blogs. Thanks!

  6. I just love it when I hear how much you are out enjoying the snow.. If I lived where it snow I would be right out there with you.. Great photos indeed..


  7. Such an unexpected blogging Happiness! Someone who is still appreciating Winter.

    Thank you, my Dear.


  8. what about now, vickie???? there's got to be a limit! ha ha! nina

    1. hey, Nina is here! what, you're not having fun over there at two crow cottage?

  9. I love the bird in the last picture. So pretty!!