Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dream, dream, dream!

Mixed Media Moods Challenge

Well, I am just having a good old time with this challenge!  Those talented gals Mixed Media Jenn and Dee Dee Catron  have collaborated for a new Mixed Media Challenge, and this one got my wheels a-turnin!

Here is an old piece of cardstock, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, that I just couldn't part with.  An old flyer actually from the summer concert series or some such thing, but I keep those discards to use again.  I am a paper hoarder, if it can be used again for something else, then I will haul it off.

And I knew I wanted to gesso the page first, because I haven't used gesso in quite some time.  And then I couldn't find the gesso, so I made some.  Yes, the baking soda kind, and it came out quite well.

So, with some gesso, some paper scraps, rubber stamps, fibers, old lace, paints, and oh the buttons only came into play, when I found that fabric colored turquoise color one.   The blue dream words came from an old bookmark.  Yes, another stash. 

Yeah, this mood board was the perfect inspirational tool to get my butt in gear.  And oh, I didn't stop here.  More for this challenge to come!  Got a cool ATC and some mini tags to share, that are being used for another project.  Thanks to Dee Dee and Mixed Media Jenn.  LOVE THIS!

Pop in on those gals to see what they are up to...the inspiration will get you going, too!


  1. Vicki
    For such a hot mama you really really are cool.
    Seems to me you are having a ball. I love it right down to the signature Vicki aka hula la

  2. Another one?! You ARE on a roll. And oh my gosh, this one is so beautiful. All that texture! First, the colors are fantastic. I love the little bits of burlap. The lace and fibers are so cool as well. I love the buttons. Lets just say I love everything! Haha.

    Thank you so much for making another project for our challenge! Good Luck :)

  3. Hello, I love the colors on your mood board. They remind me of the beach. Very pretty. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. I am paper hoarder too. I have been playing a little with some gesso and paint and paper just for a change of pace.

  5. I'm a paper hoarder too...I love everything about paper! Love the colors of this piece.