Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art Journal Book Swap/Hop

Another page done along the NEVERENDING journey of the Art Journals.  This is my page in Kitty's book using one of her prompts.."colors came alive for her".  It was just the right prompt, too, because I was ready to play in color out of doors.
Couldn't resist adding one of my new paper flowers...

hula~la la la la la...I'm just sayin'...
This is Kitty's intro to the book...love that hair!!!

The swap should be winding down soon...at least I hope so, it's been over a year that we have been swapping journals.  Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Oh your paper flower is a perfect addition to that gorgeously colorful spread. It's always exciting to do journal swapping, but it's really fun when they're finished and your journal comes home to be treasured.

  2. Thanks for sweet comment on my book blog Vicki, I can see you also love to make books, your pages are so beautifully made, love the colors and the flower.