Monday, March 10, 2014


Some more journals...
Just finished 3 more journals from the book ends that I saved from the dreaded recycling stack.  I have jazzed them up abit using some of the end papers as well.  With 50+ pages, with pockets and tags and other paper ephemera to help tell a fantastic new tale.  Might even make a cool new art journal.  Lots of surprises within...  I have many more on the work table; some headed for my etsy shop, and some headed for the local Spring Fair.  That is if Spring actually shows up! 

This one is decked out in knit with a vintage pin.
Burlap flowers for this baby.
More burlap and a denim flower...yep, more upcycling!
And a great BIG shout out to Kelly for her awesome monarch photo postcard, and to my Dear Friend Nina of Happy Herbs Soap for the AB FAB stones she gave me for my newly fired clay meditation plate.   The tall point is Phantom Citrine and it is beautiful right next to the perfect specimen of Black Tourmaline, both grounding and protective stones that transmute negative energy. 

These are beautiful...thank you Nina!!!


  1. Nice work. I love the one with the vintage pin!

  2. you have been very busy lady!! The journals came out beautifully and can I just tell you I get tickled pink when friends are happy with their orders! thanks for the shout out Vicki. And I don't know much about stones...but those are very cool and I like what they are used for.

  3. Beautiful Journals and what a nice gift of stones. B

  4. Lady!!! Your journals are beautiful! The burlap flowers and the pin add such a pretty detail to your pieces! Just amazing! A happy week to you!! Nicole xoxo

  5. Great have been busy.

  6. I've gotten into book altering and making my own journals as well. It's so fun finding those book gems in the library recycle bin or in second-hand shops.

    I enjoyed seeing you take one from start to finish. Cheers!