Monday, September 17, 2012

Creative Chaos...again

Creative Chaos "IN HIGH GEAR" is apparent at the homestead.  
The evidence is strewn from one end of the house to the other...
and also upwards to my attic studio where the zillionz of buttons and beads reside...
and then down below in the basement where old blue jeans, if deemed worthy,
are cut and designated to the "upcycle" bin for use in the many artistic possibilities
that only good old fashioned denim can be relegated to.

I am painting, singing and dancing, cutting and pasting..
but more importantly...I am writing.  

The weekly batch of "passion" incense is rolled and drying.  The burning of incense, my own blend, or one of Nina's famous blends, is a constant companion when the creative juices are flowing at full tilt.  This ritual reminds me that the passion within me will fuel the flames so long as my soul resonates the beating of my heart...and my mind stays focused on my relentless pursuit of LIFE!!!

Outside, we have weathered yet more strange weather and while tornados, hail and high winds surrounded our location...we have "weathered the storm" unscathed...but for a few downed branches. Those branches, and the few trees that have been dedicated for winter use in the wood stove are currently being cut to size.  Yes, we are rednecks with a chainsaw! 
(I even learned how to file and grease that sucker)!

The full green trees, are preparing to change colors and display their beautiful
autumn transformation.  I can however, do without the knee deep clean up of those
wonderfully colored kidding...knee deep! Lots of trees~lots and lots of trees!

And so, while we can, we will enjoy the last days of riding the 1950 panhead 
through the mountains and countryside of our bit of the northeast. 
Oh, to live in the country!

And soon, it will be a marvelous night for a moondance 'neath the cover of October skies...There and then, he has made me his own...25 bumpy and wonderful years ago!
(thankfully, in spite of my flawed self)...

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