Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative ArT Play...

It's a bright cold, snow covered day here in the Northeast.
A great day for "CreAtiVe aRt pLaY".
I joined an online workshop with Tracy Bautista at
Strathmore Artist Studio and though, I had a different 
idea in mind, this is the end result.  
I will continue to play with this at our next
ArTy TeA PaRty on Feb. 2 at Kelli's house!

Lots and lots of layers!
I'll make a copy of it, cut it up and use for other projects:)
Give it a try...It's GREAT FUN!


  1. Hi I am in that class also, love it and just lets us go free. xoxo

    1. Hello Annette ~
      Getting in the groove to get back to Roses...
      Check out RobenMarie's version of the workshop @
      GREAT FUN!

  2. Pretty soft colors--I love how everyone takes the same class, but all the pieces turn out different!

  3. Looking forward to doing your art project. ( it came out so pretty. I love the colors you used)

  4. YAY...Lucy's here! Can't wait for everyone to try it! It's great fun!