Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold Night ~ Warm Hearts

Christmas Caroling is the most rewarding and selfless acts of random kindness around town!
Last night, with my family and many old friends, some new friends, some complete strangers, a group of over 30 people gathered to walk the streets of our small town and sing of the joys of Christmas...

Starting out at the Pine Bush House Bed and Breakfast was true inspiration as Barbara and Mark's house party guests were all out on that big front porch singing and dancing right along.  It was the perfect start for our venture, and a great way to kick off their Christmas Party.

Proceeding along through the neighborhood, with candles in hand (battery operated, though the flame of real ones would have been welcomed in the 26 degree temp),  we sang to those who were sick, and to a dear old woman who had just lost a loved one.  All alone in her house, she joined us outside (in 26 degree weather) with tears in her eyes as she sang along.   One of our carolers, a sweet and selfless young lady of 18 years,  returned to this house later with cookies and stayed with this dear old friend for the evening listening and telling tales of Christmases past. 

Oh, and not to forget Mike and Jillian's stop...cookies and drinks were brought out on trays for everyone!  (Advance notice is not required when going caroling, but it sure was a nice treat to have them expecting us with warm shots, wine and cookies).  And little Ronan wih his Jingle Bells in hand shaking along.  Sweet stop!

Finishing up at everyone's favorite HS English teacher's house, (oughta be worth extra credit for some of the students with us) they, too came out on their front porch that was all decked out with white lights and festive decorations. 

To our extended family for hosting the continue to touch the hearts of so many people.  We are very thankful this holiday season for all that you do...always!


Affectionately posted by Vicki...who is in the Christmas Spirit!  FINALLY:)


  1. What a lovely picture you paint! Sounds like a lovely home town kind of evening!

  2. that is AWESOME. it's been my little dream to someday gather friends and go caroling. it sounds so fun!! maybe next year-