Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High School Graduation

As my middle daughter graduates from high school, I reflect on the swingset days. The days when everything was oh, so simple. The days when we could take a nap after preschool or take our good old time walking home from elementary school; when we could celebrate birthdays with M & M cookies in the classroom. I still remember her dancing on her toes at age two while admiring her big sister at ballet. She is dancing still. I remember how she took care of her little sister going off to Kindergarten, then through Middle School, and this year as they were together for one year in the big High School. As she graduates and embarks on a whole new adventure, I am pleased, I am very proud and I am very happy to be a Mom. WE ARE BLESSED!

And at this moment, as I burn "Blessed Be" incense from Nina at Happy Herbs Soap, I know that it doesn't matter that my fridge is dead, that my hubby's pickup needs fixin', the graduate's car is well, let's just say idle, but that we remain a beautiful family unit, intact, with giggles and heartaches and joys abound.

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  1. Excellent blog post :)I was just thinking about how fast my little man is growing up. I miss him being little but I need to remember to appreciate the times we have together right now. Sorry to hear about your brother in-law. I hope things heal for him...and quickly. I have no doubt that art will have something to do with the healing process :) Have a great week