Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Spring Really Coming?

Wow, while cleaning up the muddy yard abit today, I noticed my tulips are peeking out! I always love the little glimmer of hope as they push their way upward through the winter leftovers. Seems like we had all of winter in one whole week. OK, DONE NOW! The birdies are out and about and singing, singing! la la la...

The studio reorganization is STILL in progress. The problem is, while sorting and organizing, I come across some snippet of paper, or book, or fabric that I slipped aside for that "anonymous" project and get bogged down wanting to do the project RIGHT NOW! So, though it does slow me down abit, I remember to put it in an appropriate spot for when the time is actually right.

I am currently enamoured with all the bits of yarn I have leftover from scarves and mitts. Some are just destined for some fabric ATC's. Perhaps I can entice the ladies of the Arty Tea Party to play along. Or maybe even a Fabric Book Round Robin! SOON, VERY SOON:)

I also, have a batch of old bookcovers just waiting for their very own story to unfold upon them. I can hardly wait for this project to begin. But, until the sorting and such is completed, I shall hold on to the reins and complete this mission that I started way too long ago!

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